Products for the Horticulture Industry

Myers Lawn and Garden Group including:

  • ITML/Dillen products: Flats, inserts, hanging baskets, pots, trays, plug trays, coir fiber pots, and Kord fiber containers.
  • Listo: Decorative pots and planters.
  • Nursery Pots from Pro Cal, Listo, ITML and WhiteRidge.


  • T.O. Plastics: Plug trays, pots and trays, and propagation flats.
  • East Jordan Plastics: Thermoform pots, and trays.
  • Multi-Formes: Wire baskets, decorative containers and hanging baskets, wire nursery pot supports, and Biodisc weed control.
  • Ginegar Greenhouse Films.
  • Dewitt: Ground covers, Frost Protection, Shade Cloth
  • Harnois Greenhouse structural products
  • Wellmaster: Carts, benches, and tracking wagons for greenhouse and retail applications.
  • Dosatron Injectors
  • Dramm: Commercial sprayers, hoses, wands and nozzles.
  • Kavita Lighting Products
  • Antal-Cayson: Plug Poppers and Dibblers
  • Texel: Capillary and root control mats, Geodisc weed control for pots
  • Label Printers and Labelview Pro-Software
  • Felco Pruners and Max Tapener Systems
  • Wire Hanging baskets, Cedar baskets and planters
  • Jiffy Plant Products: Preforma Plugs, Pots, jiffy plugs and pellets.
  • Nursery Pots from Haviland Plastic Products.
  • Western Pulp Products: Nursery Pots, Hanging Baskets, Patio and Garden Planters
  • Shrink wrap and packaging products.
  • Flagging tape and pin flags.
  • Bamboo stakes, hoops and trellises.
  • Spray suits, gloves and aprons.
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